assisted living for seniors

As our loved ones age, it’s more important than ever to keep track of their changing needs and ensure they receive the requisite care and support to live a peaceful, happy life. Even though many older individuals want to stay independent, there comes a time when assisted living for seniors is the best choice for their changing needs. This article explains the signs that a person might need help from a senior living facility.

1. Health Problems

A persistent medical problem is a telltale sign that it’s time to enroll your aging loved one in an assisted living facility. According to the National Institute of Health, about 85% of people over 65 have at least one long-term health problem, and 60% have at least two. Collaborate with qualified healthcare providers committed to your loved one’s well-being rather than attempting to manage their deteriorating health independently.

2. Changes in Hygiene

One of the first things to go south when someone is unwell or develops dementia is personal hygiene. They may bathe less frequently and need to be more thorough when they do. When it’s clear that an individual can no longer take care of their basic hygiene, it is time to consider assisted living for seniors. According to NCAL, 67% of residents at assisted living facilities in Florida require assistance with bathing. This number shows how common hygiene problems are among seniors and how important assisted living can be in meeting these needs.

3. Difficulty Managing Daily Tasks

Does your loved one have trouble with everyday tasks like cooking? Or perhaps they have trouble cleaning and putting on clothes. They deserve better than to live with these struggles, and assisted living for seniors can help. The employees there can handle all types of essential tasks, including preparing meals and cleaning clothes.

4. Bad Eating Habits

A good diet is essential for keeping one’s mind and body in good shape. When an older person can’t cook, their feeding schedule is also affected adversely. A long-term care center provides seniors with regular, healthy meals made with their nutritional needs in mind.

Are you wondering whether your aging loved one needs assisted living for seniors? If you notice the signs explored in this article, it’s definitely worth touring facilities with them. Contact Addington Place of East Lake today to learn more about how we can provide your loved one with the high quality of life they deserve.