Regular exercise and activity are essential for seniors to stay healthy. From reducing the risk of falls and dementia prevention to improving overall wellness, it’s crucial for seniors to find an activity within their physical capabilities and limitations that they can regularly participate in.

But as seniors age, it’s natural to get a few more health risks and health conditions along the way. Because of this, it can be difficult for older adults to participate in more traditional exercise activities like running or biking. The solution? Aqua therapy!

Aqua therapy is an evidence-based physical therapy performed in an aquatic environment. Taking place in a warm-water pool, aqua therapy is typically done with groups of people, though it can be one-on-one with a personal trainer or physical therapist. Aqua therapy can involve various activities, including strength training, aerobics, yoga, jogging, and swimming, as well as different equipment to help diversify the exercises. This makes it highly adaptable and accessible for seniors of all different ability levels to take part—but there are plenty of other advantages, too!

Look at just a few of the benefits of aqua therapy for seniors:

  • Mood and Anxiety. Water therapy is proven to release endorphins during participation, increasing your happiness and improving your mood. The water temperature, kept between 83-88 degrees Fahrenheit, can also help people relax, reducing stress and anxiety levels.
  • Joint Impact. Water’s natural resistance and buoyancy mean that the exercises are very low impact, particularly on your joints. Many seniors have reported being able to do exercises in water that they cannot do on land—all because of the unique properties of water. Aqua therapy is an excellent way to get a good workout without risking your joints’ health and pain!
  • Strengthening and Balance. Aqua therapy exercises are designed to help strengthen seniors’ bones and muscles and build endurance during day-to-day motions and movements, helping to reduce the risk of falling. These motions can also help seniors gain more balance, particularly when exercises are performed in waist-deep water.
  • Cardiovascular Health. While aqua therapy is low impact and easy on your joints, that doesn’t mean it’s not vigorous. Heart rates will still go up, burning fat and improving the overall health of your heart. It will also help the health of your lungs, reducing your risk of heart attack and heart disease. This makes water therapy a great form of cardiovascular exercise for all these reasons!
  • As we said before, aqua therapy is typically done in groups of other seniors. Adding this social factor to exercise is especially good for seniors. The older they get, the more isolated they can feel. Putting them in a group of similarly aged people is a wonderful way for seniors to form social connections.

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