Watching our parents, guardians, and loved ones grow old is unfortunately a natural part of life. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it an easy task, and caring for aging parents is something you will probably have to do in some capacity at some point in your life. Knowing what to do at the right time is harder than it may seem, and caring for elderly loved ones can be more overwhelming than you think. 

There are many aspects of elderly care that you may not have considered, and in addition to your own responsibilities, it’s easy to feel like you’re not in control of the situation. Figuring out what your parents need help with and understanding your options is the first step to reducing some of your stress. Here are some of the best tips and things to consider when caring for aging parents: 

  • Immediate Needs. First, consider your parents’ basic needs and what areas they may need the most help in. This can be a range of categories, including medical needs, cognitive health, social interaction, personal hygiene, meal prep, etc. Are all of these needs being met? Which areas need more help than others? Keep track of these basic daily activities and how well your parents are able to perform these tasks for themselves– if they are not meeting their basic needs, it may be time to step in. 
  • Independence. Going off of that, ask yourself how well they get by living independently. While it’s certainly hard for you to watch your parents grow old, it’s absolutely harder for them. As their friends pass away and they begin to lose their ability to perform some basic tasks, they may slip more and more into isolation and lose their ability to live independently. Do they need a family member to come check in on them everyday? Or do they need more professional care? Remember, whatever you decide, always involve your parents in the decision so they don’t feel completely dependent on your care. 
  • Safety. Another important thing to think about is your parents’ safety in their home. Are they able to reach items in high cabinets without risking their safety? Can they get up and down the stairs without falling or tripping? Are they mobile throughout the house? If their physical safety is at risk, then it’s time to consider getting some kind of professional help. 
  • Finances. No matter what route you decide to take, caring for a parent doesn’t come cheap. Once you’ve figured out what kind of care they need, look into their financial situation and what kind of care they will be able to afford, as well as a budget for monthly care expenses. You may also want to see if you are in a financial situation to help them as well. Contact a financial planner or an elder law attorney for help, and look into financial assistance programs like loans, government programs, and Medicaid.  
  • Your Needs. While you should definitely be thinking about your parents during this time, don’t be afraid to consider your own needs and abilities, too! It may feel like it’s only your responsibility to take care of your parents, but there’s absolutely no shame in asking for help if providing full-time care is beyond your capabilities. Even if you are not the one providing the care, remember you are still being a supportive and loving child by arranging for proper care from someone with the right experience and knowledge to help your parents. It’s just as important that you don’t burn out as much as they get the care they need. 
  • Living Arrangements. Now that you’ve thought about your parents’ needs, your needs, and the finances, it’s time to think about the living arrangements that your parents need. There are many options you can choose from, including at-home care, nursing homes, or even living with a family member. We recommend choosing an assisted living community. At assisted living communities, your loved ones will get the care they need while enjoying social activities with other people their age. This takes care of all their basic, medical, and personal needs, while still giving them a sense of independence they may want. 


At Addington Place at East Lake, aging adults can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while getting the necessary care they need to live. With access to a heated outdoor pool, a fantastic golf course, and beautiful beaches, our residents live fulfilling lives all while getting assistance with dressing, bathing, grooming, medication, and dining. Our professional nursing team is committed to giving your loved ones the care and the lives they so richly deserve! Visit our website to learn more or give us a call at (727) 491-5256.