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At Addington Place of East Lake, we believe that every day is a canvas waiting to be painted with laughter, creativity, and joyful moments. Our vibrant community nestled in East Lake, Florida, is dedicated to providing a rich and diverse array of crafts, hobbies, and activities for our cherished residents. In this blog, we’ll explore the world of creative expression, hobbies, and the multitude of engaging activities that make life at Addington Place truly fulfilling.

Creative Expression for All

  • Rummikub Tournaments: Rummikub, a stimulating tile-based game, is a resident favorite. Our regular tournaments are not just about competition but also about fostering camaraderie and fun.
  • Movie Nights: Gather in our cozy theater for movie nights filled with classic films, new releases, and, of course, freshly popped popcorn.

Exploring the Culinary World

  • Lunch Outings: Savor local flavors during our lunch outings, where residents get to explore different cuisines and enjoy the camaraderie of their neighbors.
  • Tea Chats with Music: Our tea chats are a delightful blend of soothing beverages, good company, and live music, creating a serene ambiance for residents to unwind.
  • monthly cooking demonstrations: Experience delightful monthly cooking demonstrations by our chef!

Gaming and Physical Activity

  • Wii Games: Get in on the gaming action with Wii games that encourage friendly competition and physical activity.
  • Stretch Class and Tai Chi: Our fitness classes, including stretch and Tai Chi, promote balance, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Social Engagement and Mental Stimulation

  • Bingo and Trivia: Bingo and trivia nights are not just games; they’re opportunities for socializing, mental stimulation, and, of course, friendly competition.
  • Word Games: Exercise your brain with word games that challenge your vocabulary and wit.
  • Happy Hour: Our happy hours are a time for residents to relax and socialize over drinks and refreshments.

Spiritual and Personal Growth

  • Bible Study: For those seeking spiritual enrichment, our Bible study sessions offer a time for reflection, fellowship, and growth.


At Addington Place of East Lake, we’re committed to providing our residents with a diverse range of activities that cater to their interests, passions, and hobbies. Our community is a place where creativity, laughter, and joy flourish, and where every resident has the opportunity to embrace their unique interests. Whether it’s through crafting, outings, games, or social gatherings, we’re dedicated to creating an environment where residents can thrive and continue to lead vibrant, fulfilling lives.

If you or a loved one is considering senior living that values creativity, engagement, and a sense of community, we invite you to explore Addington Place of East Lake. Contact us today to discover how our wide array of activities and programs can enrich your life or the life of your loved one. Join us in celebrating the art of joyful living!