With fall in full swing, it’s time to take part in festive activities to enjoy the best parts of the season. Crisp, colorful leaves, bright pumpkins, and delicious apples are just a few activities that people look forward to all year. And why not include your favorite senior with you?

Consider doing some of these fun and festive fall activities with your senior loved ones this season:

  • Bake a Pie. What would the fall be without a few pies? Make your favorite apple, pumpkin, pecan, and other fruit pies with your senior loved ones. Share recipes and even secret family baking tips they’ve been hiding away!
  • Go Apple or Pumpkin Picking. You’ll need to get your apples and pumpkins from somewhere, and there’s no better place than an apple orchard or pumpkin patch! Visit a farm to get your seasonal fruits and decorations directly from the source. Help older seniors get those hard-to-reach apples and pick up the heavy pumpkins while enjoying the scenery and crisp autumn air.
  • Visit a Farmer’s Market. If you live far from a farm, you can always get your produce by visiting a local farmer’s market near you. Look for seasonal fruits and vegetables like apples, beets, broccoli, carrots, squash, and other root vegetables. You can also get other local items like jams, meats, pickled vegetables, or spices. It is a wonderful yet casual way to spend time with a senior while supporting local businesses and farmers.
  • Take a Hike. Enjoy the fall colors, leaves, and scents by taking a hike. Take pictures along the way of the changes in nature and make some memories that will last a lifetime. Depending on your senior’s physical abilities, you can also take short, easy walks near you to breathe fresh fall air.


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