Deciding to move a family member into an Assisted Living home is a difficult and emotionally painful process. It’s not only heartbreaking to acknowledge the state of health that your loved one is in, but it’s also common to feel guilty that you cannot give them the care that they need and deserve at this stage of your life, despite your best efforts. 

While we know you are generous and loving and want to give your ailing family member the care they require, sometimes, caring for someone at home becomes not only unsafe and unhealthy but impossible to sustain. Because this is a highly emotional decision to make, it can be hard to distinguish head from heart; how do you know that making this move is necessary? Is it truly the right time to move your family member into assisted living, or can you provide sufficient care for a little bit longer? 

Here are a few signs that it may be time to move your loved one into Assisted Living:

They Need Help with Most Activities

A Place for Mom details how if your family member needs assistance with completing basic activities, such as feeding, bathing, and basic mobility, it is likely time to move them into an Assisted Living facility that can handle these intense demands. 

Their Behavior Becomes Aggressive:

According to Daily Caring, older adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s are often prone to behave aggressively or violently. If trying medications or different mediation methods to minimize this behavior does not improve the situation, it may be time to move your loved one into an Assisted Living Community. This is the best way to ensure that they are not only getting the care that they need but that you are not placing yourself in a dangerous situation. 

They Seek Additional Stimulation

If your loved one often tries to leave the house or expresses the need to get out, try new things, and meet new people, then it is just about time to move them into a new home. Assisted Living communities can give them an advanced level of comfort and security built to keep them safe while also introducing them to new activities and social opportunities that may not be possible when you care for them at home. 

It’s Impacting You Financially

US News details how as older adults need more care, it goes without saying that they’ll need help, and that help often comes at a significant price tag. Over time, the cost of hiring a professional, in-home caregiver may even exceed your available financial resources. When this happens, it may be financially necessary to move your family member into assisted living. This is the best way to protect your income while simultaneously ensuring that your loved one gets the care they truly need.

When it comes to deciding to move your loved one into an Assisted Living community, Addington Place of East Lake is a wonderful living option for seniors at every stage of their health. Because the more aspects of your physical and emotional health you engage in, the happier and healthier a person ages. 

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