With the school year in full swing, it can be challenging for some parents to navigate all the back-to-school activities. Orientations, meetings, projects, and after-school programs are just a few of the appointments back on parents’ schedules. With so little time in the day, some parents may feel more overwhelmed. If you’re starting to feel a little swamped, consider asking for some help from grandma and grandpa!


Grandparents are often available and more than willing to help take on some of the responsibilities of their grandchildren’s school life. Not only will it help you clear up your schedule, but it also gives them some time to connect with their grandchildren.


Look at just a few of the ways you can involve grandparents in back-to-school activities:

  • School Supplies. At the beginning of the year, give grandparents a list of required school supplies and see if they would like to provide any of the materials. Or, better yet, see if they’ll take your kids back to school shopping! This is an excellent way for grandparents and grandchildren to spend time together.
  • In addition to school supplies, have grandma and grandpa take your child shopping for a new lunch box. This is another wonderful memento for kids to have, which will always remind them of their grandparents. You can also have grandparents be on lunch duty. If they live close by, having them make daily lunch can be a huge weight off your shoulders, or even consider having them make a few frozen meals that could quickly defrost in a lunchbox.
  • Pass on the projects to grandma and grandpa! A book report or science project is easy for grandparents to help with, especially since they may require more time (and patience!) to complete. Grandparents are great sources of knowledge that are perfect for helping with a school project, and they might even enjoy learning something new, too!
  • Classrooms often require parents to volunteer their time with specific activities, particularly during field trips and holiday parties. If your schedule doesn’t allow volunteer time, then grandma or grandpa could be a great substitute. Try to schedule in advance to see if they would be available and suggest tasks that don’t require too much physical activity, like taking photos or helping with arts and crafts.
  • Pick-Up. If your child is a car rider to and from school, get grandma and grandpa on the approved pick-up list. This will ensure that they are always authorized to pick up your child from school, which can be particularly helpful for those last-minute emergencies that may prevent you from getting to school on time.
  • Open Houses. Make sure grandparents are introduced to teachers and other school staff that they may need to interact with when they come to school. It will make things less confusing in the future, ensuring that everything runs smoothly if you need to send grandparents in for a school activity.


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