More than one million older adults reside in assisted living communities, according to the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living. Assisted living is an excellent option for keeping older adults safe, social, and mentally and physically healthy. So how do you know when your elderly loved one needs the support assisted living provides? Read on to learn the signs.

Difficulty to complete even the most basic tasks

Effects of aging often make elderly people incapable of performing basic tasks such as preparing meals, doing laundry, paying bills, cleaning rooms, and more. Does your elderly loved one struggle to finish their daily tasks? If so, you may want to consider moving them into an assisted living home.

Forgetting to take daily medication

Some degree of memory loss and decline in other thinking skills are a normal part of aging. However, forgetting to take daily medication could have severe and far-reaching effects. Symptoms such as forgetfulness, decreased problem solving capacity, inability to maintain focus, and more indicate that there is suffering from some degree of decline in cognitive capacity. If unchecked, these symptoms may progress into serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. If your elderly loved one is unable to remember whether or not they have taken regular pills or supplements, it’s a good idea to consider moving them to an assisted living community.

Cutting back on friendships and social relationships

If your elderly loved one is withdrawing from people, it may be indicating that they are suffering from depression or a neuropsychiatric illness. If that is the case, living in a place with like-minded people of his or her age may do wonders for your loved one’s mental health.

Changes in appearance

If your elderly loved one is appearing more and more frail, it may be cause for concern. Do they struggle to rise from the chair? Did you notice abnormalities such as unsteadiness or loss of balance? Is there any other change such as instant weight gain or weight loss? Is personal hygiene being ignored? All these signs indicate your elderly loved one needs more care.

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