Doesn’t it seem that the older we become, the more difficult it is to make true friends? As time passes, the number of friends we have seems to decrease; as the years pass, the number of people in our lives we can trust and count on appears to dwindle. There are plenty of reasons why your circle of friends may lessen over time; people may move away, put a greater emphasis on friendships or careers, or your interests and values may not simply align anymore. It is a natural but sometimes a painful fact of life. 

Although it may seem challenging to make connections as we mature, it is possible to make friends no matter how old you become! Companionship and social interaction are feelings that never disappear, whether you’re six or 60 years old. All you have to do is put in the effort required to make and secure those connections. 

If you are committed to meeting new people, finding common ground, and working hard to maintain a budding relationship, you can form meaningful friendships if you are over the age of 60! Here are some proven ways to make new friends in your advanced years. 

Meet Your Neighbors

According to Seniors Matter, a great strategy is to start with your existing social network – and that often begins by looking just across the hall from you! Do you even know your neighbors? Are there any long-lost friends you might want to reconnect with? Invite the friends you have to dinner, and encourage them to bring guests you’ve never met.

Be Confident

Confidence is critical in most situations, and meeting new people is no different. A Place for Mom affirms that you are worthy of forming friendships at this stage of life, so act like it and introduce yourself to people with confidence and pride in who you are and what you can offer to a friend. 

Participate in Beloved Activities

Our interests, hobbies, passions, and skills are a font of friends. Not only can you meet people with similar interests when you pursue these activities, but you’re also becoming a more interesting friend yourself. In addition to finding activities to participate in, you can also find clubs that line up with your interests. Community organizations you could join include quilting circles, book clubs, civic organizations, church groups, exercise classes, singing groups, or even participating in a game or trivia nights!

When it comes to making lasting friends in your senior years with these tips, the perfect place to form and nurture those friendships is at Addington Place at East Lake. Addington Place of East Lake is a wonderful living option for seniors at every stage of their personal health. Because the more aspects of your physical and emotional health you engage in, the happier and healthier a person ages. 

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