Three Reasons for Assisted Living Respite During the Holidays

Respite Care is offered to family and friends seeking short-term assistance for loved ones. Many assisted living facilities offer respite services, but not all communities’ respite requirements and guidelines are the same. For example, some communities offer respite care for a few hours, while others require at least a one-week minimum stay. Typically, respite apartments are fully furnished and offer services at an all-inclusive rate, but this is not always the case. It’s important to research assisted living facilities in your area before planning a holiday respite stay for your loved one.

Here are three reasons why researching respite care should be added to your holiday to-do list:

Travel Plans

If you are a caregiver, chances are you’ve put traveling plans on hold as your aging loved one took priority. However, even the most tireless caregivers have obligations that require time away from home. Traveling increases during the holidays and taking your loved one may not be possible due to a variety of physical and emotional health concerns.

Make your holiday travel plans free of guilt, knowing that your loved one is cared for at a local assisted living facility. This provides peace of mind and comfort as you enjoy your vacation. Residents not only receive the proper care, but they are encouraged to participate in resident activities and outings. The amount of activities is typically increased during the holidays to help lift spirits and avoid the holiday blues.

Trial Period

Making the decision to move to an assisted living community can be stressful and overwhelming for the entire family. Even if you plan to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas or another holiday with your loved one, using respite care during the holiday season might be the perfect time to “try on” a community. DeSoto Palms Assisted Living Community is beautifully decorated for all major holidays. During Thanksgiving, their Thankful Tree can be seen front and center in the lobby. Gourds of all shapes and sizes and hay bales line the entryway, welcoming residents and guests into the spirit of the season.

If you’re touring assisted living facilities in your area to find the right permanent fit, try a respite stay when the community is decorated for the holiday and the activity calendar is packed with festive fun. This might be the perfect time for a short trial period.

Tackling Stress

It’s no secret that holidays tend to add to the normal stressors of life. Unresolved family issues, chaotic traffic, financial

strains, out-of-town guests, and holiday parties can pile up, creating an overwhelming situation for those caring for older loved ones. Caregivers are selfless, tirelessly working to provide the best life possible for those that cannot care for themselves.

Don’t let your role as caregiver take an emotional tole during the holiday season. Utilize respite care to remain mentally and physically able to continue your role throughout the year. A short break provides time to run errands, prepare holiday plans or simply regroup. According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s important for caregivers to set health goals for healthy sleep, staying physically active, eating a healthy diet, and seeing a doctor. However simple this may sound, sometimes these priorities take time and planning.

Along with the usual seasonal stressors, caregivers should be aware of the holiday blues, a feeling of sadness due to the high expectation of joy during the holidays. Feeling the loss of the way things “used to be” with your loved one, the loss of a parent or feeling isolated due to care-giving tasks can all contribute to the holiday blues. Taking a break and using respite services may help ease depression that can quietly creep in during a time that should be joyous.

Call Today!

Call to schedule visits to assisted living communities in your area to learn about their respite services, and consider staying for lunch or dinner to become acquainted with the staff and residents. Plan ahead to know which community is the best fit for your loved one, so when the time comes, you will have a plan in place for holiday respite.


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