With more than 3 million cases per year, osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis found in people worldwide. A degenerative disease, osteoarthritis causes stiffness, pain, and inflammation of the joints due to the gradual deterioration of cartilage. It is usually found in the hands, neck, back, hips, or knees. While there is no known cure for osteoarthritis, there are several things you can do to prevent and treat it, including Tai Chi. 

Tai Chi is an ancient, traditional Chinese mind-body practice that uses slow, gentle physical movements and deep breathing to help improve strength, mobility, and mental well-being. Several studies have shown that Tai Chi is highly advantageous to your health, particularly for those with Osteoarthritis. 

Take a look at all of the benefits of using Tai Chi to manage osteoarthritis pain: 

  • Mobility. The slow movements are extremely low impact, so your joints are sure not to get overly stressed. These big and small movements have you gently moving your body in different directions, softly transitioning between each movement. Long-term, this will help you regain some of your mobility. Some report feeling better after just one hour of Tai Chi. 
  • Flexibility. Because Tai Chi has your joints and muscles moving and transitioning smoothly, your joints will gain considerable flexibility and reduce any stiffness in the joints. This, in turn, will reduce the pain you may be experiencing because of your osteoarthritis. 
  • Strengthening. Tai Chi will also maintain and strengthen your muscles, which will protect your existing joints and keep them more stable. This will prevent your osteoarthritis from getting worse and reduce the risk of injuries or more pain because of your joints. 
  • Posture. Many of the movements and positions used in Tai Chi promote correct posture, with a straight back and relaxed shoulders. This will ensure that all of your muscles and joints will be used correctly when you move and improve the functions of your organs and bodily systems. 
  • Balance. Studies show that those participating in an 8-week Tai Chi reported improved balance due to their muscle strengthening and flexibility from the Tai Chi movements. 
  • Stress. In addition to the many physical benefits, Tai Chi can also help lower stress and anxiety. Deep breathing and mental training can help you build a clearer mind, promote relaxation, improve your mood, and reduce your stress level. 

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