activities for seniors in assisted living

At every age, people want to discover, have fun, learn, and fully experience life. These are universal human needs. The ideal senior community offers various activities, and these activities allow residents to do much more than just pass the time. They help seniors lead healthier, happier lives. Here are some of the available activities for seniors in assisted living.


In many senior living facilities, dancing is a regular event. In addition to being enjoyable, dancing keeps residents’ bodies and minds in shape. It’s also a great chance to socialize. Seniors frequently enjoy many types of dancing, including swing, line, square, and ballroom dancing.

Entertainment Events

The majority of assisted living facilities prioritize entertainment. Communities frequently host entertainment events, so locals don’t have to travel, and sometimes friends and relatives may be invited. Senior living entertainment options can vary, and residents may enjoy everything from movie nights to stand-up comedy.

Exercise and Mindfulness Exercises

According to NCAL, 47% of assisted living facility residents are over the age of 85. This means they require a lot of regular physical activity to prevent age-related health problems. Today’s senior communities work to make exercising enjoyable and convenient through various activities offered on site, such as dancing, aerobics, swimming, zumba, gardening, and yoga.


Many senior care facilities host music-themed events like karaoke nights. Community choirs or other gifted musicians may even serenade the residents. Music therapy is also quickly gaining popularity in memory care facilities. No matter what style they choose, residents are sure to enjoy the benefits of listening to and making music.


Bingo is far from the only game option available for seniors. Nowadays, most communities provide seniors in assisted living facilities with a wide range of games to play. One popular option is the Nintendo Wii, a video game console that allows players to control games using their bodies rather than a joystick. Many seniors find games like this to be incredibly fun and simple to learn.

Seniors’ general quality of life and well-being significantly improve when they engage in various activities in assisted living. There are many different options for residents to enjoy, from doing physical activities that increase strength and flexibility to participating in creative activities that feed their artistic spirit. In addition to providing a sense of fulfillment and purpose, these activities for seniors in assisted living also develop a strong sense of community and friendship. If you’re curious about what life is like for residents of our community at Addington Place of East Lake, contact us today to learn more.